Unique semi-professional green corners

where you can find all you need for realizing your own garden or decorating your home

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3 Display kits for distributors of all sizes

3 triangular totem displays with:
Product samples (Edgings – Gravelvip – Floravip)
Pre-printed graphics in order to communicate to your customers


5 displays:
3 triangular totem displays + product samples
1 display for 1 m edgings
1 dislplay for installation accessories


6 displays:
5 displays composing "pro" green corner
1 display for 2 m edgings


Territorial exclusivity

Every garden vision retailer becomes exclusive distributor for his/her covered area, gaining both economic and branding benefits.

Complete green corner

We provide the whole green corner, including displays and informative/communication material. Everything is supplied in standard-size packagings.

Integrated communication

Packaging and marketing communication material have been studied by garden vision for the final consumer.

E-commerce oriented

When garden vision products will be sold online, all exclusive distributors will be involved in the organization of the e-commerce network.

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Flowerbed edgings

Solutions suitable for every kind of garden

Why choose garden vision?

Garden vision solutions are ideal for delimiting flowerbeds or driveways.
The edging bars are 1 and 2 meters long and the packagings include the required installation accessories. 100% recyclable and eco-friendly products.


The living picture for decorating your home with plants

What is floravip?

It is a living picture with patented design.

What is it used for?

The perfect gift for home decor lovers, available in many formats for decorating shops and offices as well. It is the ideal product for growing plants and herbs in an original way.

Gravelvip HDPE

For flawless driveways made of gravel

What is gravelvip?

It is a draining and ecological grid for gravel stabilization.

Why choose garden vision?

A range of torsion-resistant grids including a draining mulching felt attached underneath, for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. + 40% kg/m2 compared to the other grids on the market:

  • stronger in order to support the passage of cars
  • more long-lasting
  • more resistant to low temperatures

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